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  • Validate your customer jobs, pains and gains
  • Align your product pitch
  • Find your first 100 customers
  • Investor pitch deck
  • Basic brand guidelines
  • Website landing page
  • Sales deck

‘They nod, but they don't really get how innovative our tech is.’

Clients will never totally get how great your tech is, and a lot of the time they'll compare you to an inferior competitor, or the old incumbent is in their ear whispering how dangerous it is to use such a new technology and such a young company.

If you're raising funds you've probably sent a lot of decks out into the void or you get a lot of enthusiasm, but no money. These are signs that there's something in your story that is not resonating or is missing altogether.

At this early stage, problems can be diagnosed quickly and we can have you out and pitching effectively within 30 days and decked out with a new branded sales deck within 60 days.

Launch with a punch, or three

elevator pitch

A clear story

A clear story is one that even the intern can tell so well you get a sales call. In our experience, the smarter you are the less clear you are to normal people. We change that.


A convincing pitch

If they brought you in, they're bought in. We help you write a sales narrative that lowers the perceived risk for the committees that love to say "no". Yes we know about those.

brand identity

A memorable brand

Inappropriate branding immediately paints you as a risky potential scam, no matter how good your story or pitch is. A professional brand makes you look safe, and reliable.


Designing for confidence: How we helped CommonPass build trust through a clear visual language

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You might be wondering...

Can you do it faster?

We get it, you want to get things out as fast as possible. In our experience, we can expedite but clients struggle to keep up. It's a lot of work to produce a good pitch.

You're trying to roll out a product while chasing customers for testimonials, reviewing research, and compiling case studies and results. Don't underestimate the work, because if it was easy, all your competitors would have done it and eaten your lunch already.

Should I be spending on marketing at this stage?

If you're pre-A, and presumably pre-revenue or low revenue, you probably shouldn't be out there buying a tonne of paid ads and paying a bunch of agencies.  First priority, make sure your product works and is awesome.

But if clients simply don't "get" what you're saying or you don't get why clients are not converting, feel free to give us a call, we can probably give you a quick diagnosis and it's free.

But why do you have products for Pre-A then??

Because there's nuance. Maybe not on social media, but in real life.

Pre-A companies that use us fall into two broad categories. The first are funded startups referred to us by their investors. They have a reasonable amount of pre-seed funding and a highly scaleable, high potential idea that the investors want to maximise the chance of success.

The second group are 2nd time founders who've had a successful exit. They know what to do on the tech side, and don't want to waste time guessing their way through the marketing side like they did last time.

Let’s work together:

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step 1
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