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Story eats science for breakfast

Anti-vaxxers, climate change deniers and flat-earthers have shown us that good science is simply not enough. Regulators, consumers and investors are influenced by the stories they read in the media and online and the content of these narratives could be the deciding vote between regulatory approval, investment or a “better luck next time” email.

To IPO and beyond we help research-led companies build impactful brands by:

Finding a position in the marketplace that is unique and compelling to stakeholders

Bringing that story to life with a brand identity, and narrative

Translate deep science into investor-friendly content for pitch decks, proposals, web and social media

When ready, we help you build, recruit and operate an in-house team to scale up content production

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Our clients

Science alone will struggle in a world that is algorithmically arbitrated, post-truth and tribal

Nutcases, nation states and Netflix understand that strong narratives work. Punchy headlines get clicks because for better or worse our monkey brains are wired for story.

We start with this in mind when we develop your brand strategy and subsequently your visual identity and brand narratives. This ensures we can best position our clients for

favourable brand narratives and be prepared for the inevitable conspiracy theory, misinformation campaigns and public relations backlash.

Where you've seen our work (yeah, memes AND main stream media)

Emotionally intelligent content resonates worldwide.

A core team of strategists and creatives work with a pre-vetted team of global contractors and partners.


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Based on our capabilities we offer the following services to clients globally from our hub in Hong Kong and satellite teams in the US and Europe.

The geographic dispersion of our team was a deliberate choice to ensure full 24 x 7 coverage. The team operates on a “follow the sun” basis and therefore has a full 24 hours per day for production, drastically reducing delivery times.