Designing for confidence: How we helped CommonPass build trust through a clear visual language

Deliverables & Bespoke solutions
  • Storyboarding
  • Visual and animation style development
  • Motion graphics and visual effects
The Brief

When Covid hit, global travel was brought to a standstill. CommonPass saw an opportunity to help. They had already been enabling travel across Africa for years with their health app. But as the demand for safe travel rose, so did concerns over privacy and freedom. 

Heated debates over privacy and security were unfolding daily on CNN and Fox News. CommonPass knew that, for their product to be successful, there could be no doubts over their intentions.

Assuring privacy and security through thoughtful design and animation
The solution

The company needed to make people feel that they had a vested interest in their privacy and security. CommonPass’s brand video was the perfect vehicle to get this point across through creative work. We focused our resources on developing an artistic style that exudes trustworthiness and dependability. We did this through well-thought-out visual cues––a calming colour palette, flowing animation style, and a relatable main character.

The main character’s design was key to the video’s success, so we developed and tested multiple options for CommonPass. The most compelling design has no facial features and realistic body proportions, which unconsciously makes it easy for any viewer to identify with.

the process
  • Develop an artistic style to evoke brand trust
  • Creation of main character design
  • Development of animation style
  • Video storyboarding
  • Brand video production
the Results

The two-minute film was distributed to governments, travel companies, and the public, effectively showcasing the capabilities of CommonPass. Following the release, CommonPass has been successfully integrated with multiple airlines, airports, and devices, including Samsung and Google Pay's e-wallets, highlighting its acceptance and trust in the market.