Refined messaging for public listing on NASDAQ for RNA technology

GreenLight Biosciences
Deliverables & Bespoke solutions
  • Custom templates
  • Sales decks
  • Branded reports
  • Investor materials
  • Style guides
  • Design assets
  • Scientific illustrations
The Brief

GreenLight Biosciences made groundbreaking strides in cell-free RNA technology. But unfortunately scandals, such as Theranos, along with the inherent complexity of the field, presented a daunting hurdle for biotech companies looking to gain widespread acceptance and support.

Dedicated to using their novel RNA solutions to address the greatest threats to humanity, GreenLight Biosciences needed a clear, compelling and importantly simple way to tell their story to the market, ahead of its listing.

GreenLight Biosciences was faced with the imperative to develop uniform messaging that would navigate intricate science, dispel scepticism, and resonate with investors.
The solution

GreenLight turned to Unsensible for help with building a team that could deliver on their wide-ranging content needs and to collaborate on instilling consistency in their narrative and visual identity.

In the initial stages, we conducted a thorough assessment of GreenLight’s branding and messaging to identify the key requirements. We knew going in that we would need to be agile and had to be comfortable throwing out all our well thought through plans because from experience we knew plans would invariably change.

As GreenLight gained momentum and prioritised crucial documents for investors, governments, and IPO preparations it became very clear that plans were changing and the pressure was on. In order to match and outpace the client, we embedded team members in the client’s IPO team and ramped up a global 24x7 design desk that enabled overnight changes to listing documentation and pitch decks.

the process
  • Content strategy review
  • Brand assessment
  • Stakeholder interviews with GreenLight team
  • Strategy and planning
  • Talent recruitment to meet design needs
  • Creative direction of brand materials
  • Delivery of final investor assets
the Results

Our scalable support empowered GreenLight to efficiently create high-impact materials with speed. Throughout our collaboration, we played a pivotal role in generating content for diverse channels, including events, media, and high level meetings, significantly contributing to each stage of investment procurement and GreenLight’s eventual IPO. Notably, throughout the engagement our joint efforts led to securing more than $200 million in investor funding and paved the way for GreenLight’s successful public listing on NASDAQ at a valuation of $1.2 billion.


The Unsensible team exceeded expectations. They helped us recruit and build a global creative team that delivered 24/7 on our wide-ranging content needs, from deeply scientific visualisations to investor pitch decks.
GreenLight Biosciences