Justin Chan

Justin Chan is the incredibly ambitious, innovative, and inspiring Co-Founder & CEO of Gense Technologies. His revolutionary MedTech startup offers an accessible and convenient way to monitor one's health at home or in clinics with affordable medical imaging device for the lungs, liver, kidneys, and more. 

Justin is bringing together a dynamic team of 25 PhDs and researchers from Stanford, Cambridge, and Hong Kong to push the boundaries in healthcare technology. With his sharp business acumen and unwavering dedication, he has raised USD 4mil from grants and investors such as Alibaba Entrepreneurs Fund and Gobi Partners. 

In addition to hospital networks, clinic chains, and health insurers around the world already seeing success with his device for preventive screening and chronic disease management, Justin's efforts have even been deployed in Hong Kong public hospitals for remote monitoring of patients recovering from COVID-19. It's no wonder that Justin has landed recognition on Forbes' 30 Under 30 list and Tatler GenT.

Listen to Justin's talk about his experience growing a startup in the MedTech space, on episode 1 of our podcast.

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