Jonathan Nguyen

As Founder and CEO, Jonathan spends his time helping tech startups outcompete for growth and capital by building strong brands and market strategy.


He advises founders and VCs on a broad range of issues including branding, fit, and marketing management. 

His work supporting the executive team has led to the successful launch of The Commons Project Foundation’s CommonPass vaccine passport, and IPOs for two biotechs, one on the NYSE and another on the HKEX. 

He has over 20 years of experience in marketing, spending most of it in digital and social on both the agency and client side. Prior to establishing Unsensible, Jonathan held the position of Executive Director at JP Morgan acting as the Global Head of Social Media where he worked with the executive team to deploy social media in the highly regulated world of asset and wealth management. 

On the agency side, Jonathan spent close to 10 years at Ogilvy where he was one of the founding members of Ogilvy’s social media team, social@Ogilvy. He led several industry “firsts” including the first usage of social media in major litigation, the first in-house content studios for Ford and Coca-Cola and the first social media command centre for Standard Chartered and Merck/MSD.

In his spare time (lol) Jonathan still tries to maintain one foot in creative studying documentary filmmaking.

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