Joan Low

Joan Low is an experienced and ambitious executive leader who has dedicated her career to improving the lives of others. She is the founder and CEO of ThoughtFull, Asia’s first digital mental health care company that offers seamless end-to-end mental healthcare for all. Prior to ThoughtFull, Joan was a banker at JP Morgan's Hong Kong office where she managed a portfolio worth USD1.3 billion, covering North Asian markets. 

Her mission was inspired by her long-term role as a mental health caregiver and the diverse experience she gained from living in many countries around the world, including the US, Canada, France, China, and Hong Kong. Through ThoughtFull, Joan seeks to empower everyone to make mental health a priority each day. The science-backed product suite offered by ThoughtFull on their app enables individuals to access personalised mental healthcare from preventive to curative services - right from your phone.

Listen to Joan Low talk about her experience and the work ThoughtFull is doing to lead change in the mental health space, on episode 5 of our podcast.

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