Hayk Hakobyan, PhD

Dr. Hayk Hakobyan is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and business leader, with nearly twenty years of experience across global markets. 

Dr. Hakobyan holds a PhD in Nuclear Physics from the University of Geneva and an MBA (cum laude) in Financial Management from IFM Business School. He also studied Neuroeconomics at Stanford University, Gamification and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania, and is an NLP Practitioner certified by the International Trainers Academy of NLP.

With expertise spanning behavioural sciences, strategy, and technology, Dr. Hakobyan has launched three startups, with one exit. He is currently Co-founder of  BizBaz, a venture using AI technology to deliver Customer Intelligence and Risk Assessment solutions for clients. With extensive knowledge and experience across AI, ML, and quantum computing blockchain, he also serves as an advisor in emerging technologies, as well as in innovation and applied behavioural sciences. 

Dr. Hakobyan's track record of launching startups and advising on emerging technologies underscores his valuable contributions to the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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