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21 things you forgot happened in 2021

Isabel Williams
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Isabel Williams
21 things you forgot happened in 2021

Democrats win Georgia’s runoff Senate elections
Trump kicked off social media
Larry King dies at 87
Investing app Robinhood blocked users from buying GameStop stocks
Armie Hammer accused of sexual assault and cannibalism fetish
Hundreds arrested protesting in Russia for the imprisonment of Alexey Navalnaya
Merck stops their COVID vaccine development from a surprising setback
Myanmar’s military overthrows the government
Jeff steps down as CEO
J&J asks the FDA for emergency clearance for their COVID vaccine
7 cases of Ebola detected in Guinea
Trump acquitted from January 6th insurrection impeachment
Icon buys PRA Health for $12B
Marilyn Manson accused of psychological and sexual abuse by Evan Rachel Wood
Ex-royals Harry and Meghan claim family were worried about their baby’s skin colour
Trillions of ‘Brood X’ cicadas emerge in the US
Unmarked graves found in Canadian residential schools reveal hundreds of bodies
First Alzheimer’s drug approved in 18 years draws criticism
Ellen Degenarous accused of fostering a hostile and unsafe work environment
FDA recommends Covid booster doses for 65+, rejects booster for general population
Ginkgo Bioworks open for business on NYSE

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